The Theory Of Relativity: A Novel

My latest book is now published, on amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. As of this morning, though they say it will take 12 - 48 hours to appear on the site.

It's called The Theory of Relativity: a novel.

It will sell on Kindle or any of their apps, for 5 USD (or equivalent in other currencies).

I'm a bit down, as the preview they give after uploading appears to show that process screwed up a good deal of my formatting. So it looked a bit like it has been done by a bushwacker using a word processor for the first time.

Let's hope folks can get over that and appreciate the content.
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

It has now been up and published for a week. First week saw 119 copies sold. Mediocre, but the aim was never to write a best seller. I leave that to the JK Rowlings and Dan Browns of this world. My aims are otherwise.<br />
<br />
Wish me the luck that those who know about literature will read appreciate review comment blog etc. Then it's up to posterity.

Thanks. I was hoping you would.

Well, as you can see our friend Unfolding bought the first copy. <br />
<br />
The KDP program includes a 5 day free promotion of new books. For those 5 days the book is free to all comers. But I am told the advantage is people get to read or browse it, at no cost, and so can happily abandon if they don't like, but will talk on blogs, social media, etc., about it. So they (those in the know) say it ramps up sales after the 5 day free period closes. We'll see.<br />
<br />
I chose May 17-21 as my 5 day period. First day (not including Unfolding) 72 sales. Not great, better than a poke in the eye with a pointed stick.

LOL!<br />
I look forward so much to the day when I get a KIndle!<br />
I now have an impression of you as a serious writer, with a possibly fascinating twist on the subject of relativity.<br />
Sorry the formatting got screwed. Is there a way to rectify it, or prevent repeats?

Not sure. I searched around this morning to no avail. (And what was your impression before?)