Theres A Time You Stop Writing Sad Love Poems And Sa Fuckkkk You!!!!

Dear John,
Do you remember when i was really drunk, and left you a voice mail saying you ruined my life?
Well have you ever heard the saying a drunk mind speaks a sober heart?
I guess that's an adage that is true.
I hate the fact that you f*cked me up so bad. I dont know why i was so in love with you, but i was.
Who knew cupids arrow would attract me to such a *****?
The sad thing is you probably feel good that you hurt me so bad.
Maybe it makes you feel a sense of power? Do not worry i get it.
Most guys with small dicks do stupid **** to feel good about themselves.
So don't worry john . It all makes sense. Sh!t even Gabbie , a selfless ***** did not want to be with you.
Maybe instead of worrying about drugs you should focus on your personality. its quite terrible.
So you did ruin me john, you really did, but not this me. you ruined the old me.
that girl was already broken, so dont feel too good about yourself . it was an easy task.
anyone could of done it.but this girl, the new me, you couldnt make her shed a ******* tear.
Dont you get it john ? youre nothing! All you are is someone with their head stuck so far up their ***.
The new me is going to go so far. As for you youll never change.
youll be a ****** up low life just like youre father.youll be wishing you never left me.
So enjoy the drugs, enjoy the sex.
I hope youll enjoy the stds too. You always said you could never relate to your dad.
well maybe then you will be able to. So youll get everything you ever wanted. oh what a great life.
congradulations john. Isnt this what you had hoped for? way to go baby you hit the fcking jack pot.
sarahbabydoll sarahbabydoll
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

I want your friendship

Miss Doll, I'm glad you said that before I was forced to. Remember who YOU are. Do not overly concern yourself with this "man". A man that refuses to recognize the treasure right in front of him, is surely not worth a minute more of your time. "I pity the poor fool".....- Mr. T.