Military Service Full of Lies, Deceit, Ridicule, Animosity

My last duty station was worst than the one before it.  I am a three time enlistee in the military having served in the Army and Navy.  The first enlistment was alright until a soldier stole money and admitted to taking only a portion to lighten his prosecution so the "investigators" went after me since I made the runs with him.  I was schedule to leave in 2 months and hadn't seen my daughter since she was 9 months old.  I had been there for three years and I told them that I would not steal and certainly would not jeopardize my freedom when I am leaving in 2 months to see my baby that I haven't seen in three years.  They were furios when I fought them tooth and nails and they knew that I wasn't involved but wanted to pin the missing money on someone else since the guilty man would not admit to taking it all.  I was disillusioned with the Army and their tactics to try and convict an innocent person for the sake of a admitted criminal so I got out and enlisted in the Navy.  My first tour was the best but then I came to FL and those people were so bigoted and so messed up I caught trouble from day one.  Then my husband, whom I had been separated form tested positive for HIV and because I was still legally married to him I was called into the office and told and HIS stigma was attached to me and I was ostracised from that moment on.  Things got worse when I was stationed onboard a ship.  The stigma was passed on to the new chain as they all knew each other and had discussed me and their intent was to get me discharged one way or the other and they tried every single way that they possibly could and caused hostility in the work place between me and the higher ranking sailors.  I had my tire slit, I was battered, I was put down, there was forgery, lies, trumped up accusations. deceit, people who did wrong were not punished for it and all kinds of things but I stood firm in my career and had 8 years left in my goal of 20.  What tripped me up was my stupid, brain damaged, 14 year old.  She cost me everything and then some.  I wrote a letter to President Obama giving specific details about what was done to me and the illegal practices and methods that were used to get me kicked out and I haven't heard anything back.  I expected at least a form letter.  Something.  Everything that I wrote is a matter of record.  I got my 20 with time served and reserve requirements.  I was active duty during the Gulf War--Desert Storm so I can claim that as part of my service time.  I may or may nor get that form letter who knows but whoever handles correspondence.  All I know is that surely things have changed since I was active duty.  Single parents are not as frowned on now as they were then and are not mistreated as I was then. There was even unfairness in that.  A caucasian males 4 year old daughter had a cold and he was secured for the day.  My 2 year old son got third degree burns on his forearm and hand with an iron by the babysitter and I was told to take him to the ER and come back to work afterwards.  He was screaming and in a great deal of pain and needed me but I wasn't secured to remain with him.  The babysitter burned my child so how am I supposed to come back to work, give him back to her???  It was ridiculous!!  I found someone else to look after him though and when I  did come back and I told those who asked what happened the command looked like the ***** that they were and they ended up telling me to go home for troop morale and to save thier butts from being accused of discrimination.  They knew that they were wrong.  This is when I found about the Caucasian male getting secured when his child had just a cold.  Somebody pointed that out to the command and they realized the implications and released me.  SHAME!!! Too bad I didn't remember to include that little tidbit in my letter!

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Wow I am sorry all that happened to you it sounds like such a horrible injustice that was done to you! I hope you get that letter it would be interesting to see what Obama would say about your ordeal. Good luck to you and I hope better things come your way.