A Letter to a Heart

Dear Heart

I can't stop thinking of you. Even if I try my very best not to, I can't get you out of my mind.
I know there isn't much I can do about the ocean of distance between us, but still you never seem to leave my dreams of us. Your my first and last thought of every day.
You are the passion in my heart, and in every inch of my body.
Now and forever all I wish is to feel your head on my shoulder, my arms around you, your hair on my face, your breath on my cheek, your warmth while we sleep.
You'll never wonder if you are loved or wanted because you will know, I will tell you every day, many times, from now until I can no longer form the words. Your every want will be my every need. Your every wish will become my goal. I will never be controlling  or try to change you. because I  love you for who you are,  I will deal with your inner demons  and ask you to please look over mine  if you can.  I will work hard to "with you" resolve any problems that we may encounter.
You are the light in my life and I will love you until the sun burns cold and until the stars grow old. My future, life would not be complete without you in it.
Hope you don't mind this letter, I just thought that you would want to know.



Here was my reply from guess who.


Dear Beloved,

Life often takes drastic turns. At times we may not know what is ahead. I have found solace in following your lead, confident that we are capable of facing whatever challenges may lie ahead. I look forward to spending an eternity with you. A compliment of you is what I strive to be. I am confident that we will live together for an indefinitely long time. Why?

I love you. I love you in every sense of the word. I love you with warm and personal affection, as a close friend. I love you as a dear family member. I love you romantically. Most of all I love you with the strongest form of love, principled agape love; a love that is an unselfish concern for doing what is right and good, whether it appears to be deserved or not. It is a love that covers mistakes. It provides the basis for “putting up with one another and forgiving one another freely.” Granted we all make mistakes, but this love allows us to forgive. This principled agape love never fails. It is a perfect bond of union.

I deeply respect you. I want to honor you by being kind to you, respectful of your dignity and expressed views, and ready to fulfill any reasonable request made of me. I want to show my deep respect by considering what is best for you and giving that priority. I understand and accept that we may not always agree. It would be unreasonable to expect us to have identical opinions and views on everything. However, I do respect your views and opinions. I want to show my respect for your dignity as well by not making you the ob
ject of demeaning jokes or comments.

Because of the love and deep respect I have for you, I feel we can overcome any obstacles that may lie ahead. I feel we can have a happy future together, forever. There are many things I need to work on, many things I want to do but have yet to accomplish. I really need to work at communicating. Good communication flourishes when there are gently spoken words, gracious looks and gestures, kindness, understanding, and tenderness. I know I have failed at times to be understanding and to speak gently and for this I am truly sorry. While learned behavior is not an excuse for me to act in such a way, it may assist you in understanding. There are many personality traits I need to improve on. I find more and more aspects of my personality that need improvement each day. Please be patient with me as I try to make these improvements.

I am trying. I am trying to do what you need me to do. I am being patient but I must admit I am confused and slightly frustrated when my efforts to provide you with, what I believe to be, what you need are met with a less than positive reaction. At times I feel no matter what I do, or how, I am only going to succeed in causing you pain. I am being patient, and will continue in my patience, hoping to gain understanding in time.

I am learning to keep your interests first. You think this cannot be learned, I disagree. I have lived the majority of my life putting the needs of others first. However, for self-preservation I began putting myself first in order to avoid extreme pain and heartache. I had been trampled and beaten so often that in order to save my self from more harm I needed to put my interests first. I know I am capable of putting your needs, wants, and desires first and foremost. I know because it was a challenge to make myself less selfless and more selfish. I do love you and trust you completely. I need to recondition myself and readjust my thinking. I know you will not cause me any intentional harm. This knowledge allows me to make myself vulnerable again. I am able but most of all I truly desire to look out for your best interests instead of my own.

I love you sincerely, without reservation. I respect you deeply.

I miss you.

With all my love,


BlueGeorgia BlueGeorgia
41-45, M
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Thank you GaryandTarra. glad you loved it.<br />
My favorite too.

love it

I hope things work out for you flowers147. Best wishes.

The second letter is EXACTLY how i have been feeling lately, and i havent been able to put it in words as accurately as this. I think i just might use this to get myself heard

feel free to copy and send this to anyone you choose Liferider.

just like i wish to say to someone i chosen not to have...bittersweet...

Mmmmm... yes. yes.

I like this place too. : )

I liked this piece a lot. Keep up the good work

Patients blackcat, Your day will come.<br />
Enjoy your life and work on you until then. : )

I wish someone felt like that about me:)

That too. : )

Thanks and yes she is. : )

i love it!! she must be a very special person =] .

I love it

"lover/fiance/soulmate/etc"... : )

I get that lost-my-drift thingy too often now x_x"<br />
<br />
Uhm, I'm not quite sure if "heart" meant your heart, or a lover/fiance/soulmate/etc...


Fried bunny : )

Glad you liked it. : )

That is really from the heart!!

That was heart touching and you can tell it came straight from the heart.

Thanks again for the kind comments.<br />
Glad people still read some of my stuff on here. : )

Wow, I have to say, this is just absolutely beautiful.

very deep and I'm touched. I hope someone would write me a letter like that. LOL!


Thanks for the comments. : )<br />
Wish I had more time to spend on here these days.<br />
<br />
I have more I would like to share.

Thank you for sharing to us about love.

Wow! What a way to express yourself. Loved the letter to the heart. Very touching and inspirational. I wish I had someone who cared for me that deeply.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing.

This is so beautiful .. I really love it

: )

Every time I read this brings a new smile.

home made? I'll take a dozen

I got cookies... ;-)

this is just beautiful :-(

Your in the next room Dear,,,, *rolls eyes*<br />
I missed you too while I was working.<br />
As always. : )

Thank you for the kind words.<br />
<br />
It is amazing what love can bring forth sometimes. : )

WoW!!! What a talent! We are so fortunate to have you here!

you melt my heart

aaahh, full awesomeness

Thanks Barbiie. : )

that was absolutely beautiful!!!

Aye, aye, Mates!

We are Brut. Thanks for checking in with us, : )

I am fine guys. just horsing around at a friends. she is playing the harry potter video game. hope you all are havin a soulfully good day.

*lays head on desk*


Hi Brut. : ) How are you today.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Hush BFF. Your asking for it.

Hey guys!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. maybe

BFF!!!! I'm goinna get you.

Thank you cjewels. : )

: ) She is the sweetest woman I've ever met.<br />
She inspires me. : ) Thank you

that has got to be the sweetest thing i have ever read

Babies? Who's babies we talkin bout here?

Yes the beautiful reply was hers.<br />
Thought that was obvious though. : ),,, Ya know when it said "here was the reply from guess who" lol

Thank you. Yeah she is a sweetheart.

Beautifully written. She is one lucky lady.

Thank you Mary. : )

OMG, very nice words full of sense! nice feelings and way of thinking,,I love it..

Thank You princess. : ) I have my moments. : )

I hope you do too. It is a wonderful feeling. : )

omg that is so beautiful BG /tear =')<br />
<br />
Your part is something I wish to say to someone so badly... some day I hope I'll find them.

This post has kept me from deleting my EP account a few times. : )

Wow... that was so deep and beautiful It touched my heart.<br />
<br />
Thanks so much for sharing something so personal..<br />
<br />

wowww. i would read 'em letters everyday...love and caress each and every letter with my mind, body and soul, memorize every line...probably fr<x>ame it too and hang it on my wall....ha ha<br />
<br />
just exaggerating....touching letter though

I found these letters to be very personal, too personal for myself to have exposed. I can't imagine what you call the good stuff!

Well we don't share the good stuff. : )

Kudos for putting it out there. You are lucky you both are comfortable sharing your touching letters with others. I would find it difficult.<br />
<br />
For me, words and feelings I share with the love of my life, is ours, and far too personal and special to share publicly.

Thank you. : )

I get to read this all the time. It touches me every time also.<br />

Oh, I'm sitting here with a handful of tissues as the tears pour from my eyes. That was one of the most moving things I have ever read. You are gifted to be able to express yourself so. Truly, it is one thing to feel this way & quite another to put it into such beautiful words. <br />
<br />
(((HUGS))) 2 the both of you.

*smile* for both of you.

TY I was very inspired. : )

I'm in tears (beautiful)...

No problem. : )

I'll work on you a letter Rockabye.

Thanks Mox and u2 D2L

You are definitely a writer and a romantic, sensual one at that. Mox


wow...how incredibly romantic. :) Both letters really tug at the heartstrings!!!

TY Brut. You are a dear friend. : )

hey blue! it is still very beautiful.

Fred I'm afraid I would starve for sure. : )

Nope only sisters. Sorry . : )

Do you have a brother?

Brut your just sweet.<br />
<br />
Of course I put it in my story heart. : )

Wow...got me teary.<br />
You guys`are soooooooo sweet. I wish everyone could have this kind of love.


I agree with the hand writting part for sure.