To My Friend......

I wrote this to my friend.........


I miss you more than words can express, every time I see a horse, go in tractor supply,  well...pretty much everything reminds me of you and how young and stupid I was and mistakes made, and seeking family when I had family all along.... I miss you sis..its a big world out here and sometimes I feel so lost. The lessons learned the things you taught me, and I think about it.. I think about Grandma, Grandpa,  my Dad... my cousins.... I think about friends gone by and who has stuck by me through thick and thin...I wonder if I had listened where I would be today.... I think back to when I had my life all planned out and when I was going to get my hair done next..I think about when children changed my thoughts on life, and I wonder how much time I have left on this world, in this plane of existence. I see the ones that have been there on the faces of those dear to me, I feel them when the wind blows, sometimes I swear I smell Grandma's brand of perfume..I dream of the ones that I have lost over the years and I try to find them in my dreams only to wake up  with actual tears and a sense of loss..then I look at the younger generation making the same mistakes that I made and walking the same road and I wish they would listen and not end up feeling the way I do as I am about to turn 32...... But as the years past I am relieved to know I have not forgotten the ones who were kind to me and I know that even though the miles separate us, I carry you in my heart and one day our paths will cross again. I love you sis always and forever. Time may make us grow older, but it will never change the love I have in my heart for my oldest and dearest friend. We may not be blood, but we are in spirit, and that my friend is deeper than blood will ever flow. I wish you well and I hope this journey finds the peace you seek. I love you my dear friend, until we meet again, if not in this life, then the next

life flows like the current of a creek..ever changing and very cold....

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ILU 2 <3

No matter how many times I read this, it is still very beautiful! You have such a way with words. ILY

Very...profound? enlightened? very....something warm-n-fuzzy like :)