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Will You Leave The Mark Of Excellence?

We often learn about others based on our daily or intermittent interaction with them, but do we truly know who individuals really are? It's funny, because I feel I learned more about my mother after she passed away than when I grew up and got to know her. Although I was in my twenties when this happened, as the years have passed, I have learned through her friends, from documents, and from other mementos what kind of a person she was...selfless, kind, reflective, intelligent, quiet, giving just to name a few qualities I discovered. So, I got to thinking, I wonder what my children or others may discover about me long after I leave this world.

Many times we do not share our thoughts, or how we handle situations, or our inner feelings with others, as we either are not accustomed to doing so, or perhaps feel they would not understand or want to take the time to really know what makes us tick. So, we go on about our lives, sometimes secretly hoping someone will genuinely care, and be a support system of sorts for certain occasions. I also began to think about that old over used phrase, "God never gives you more than you can handle." I don't know that I believe this to be true. I think that we have no choice but to handle what is in front of us...and many a time, we must shoot from the hip and hope that we are handling whatever is before us in a manner that will have a favorable result. Getting back to others and how they may find out more about us...sometimes we do not know what a person's character was until long after incidents have occurred...Why? Because we do not take the time to be a support system, or perhaps we don't have that same depth as the person who is going through whatever, so we can't attain that level of understanding.

I read an article that discussed how brain functions of one individual often match up with the brain functions of another in terms of the thought processes and such. It is the curious mind that often is attracted to another curious mind that often results in a commonality, wherein two people connect and know one another's thoughts, as their brain pathways are similar. I wonder if after we are gone from individuals who are a significant part of our lives if they have a better understanding of who we were, what we were all about, and basically the type of person you or I are? What sorts of things do they discover after they look at your accomplishments, your friends, your acts of kindness that perhaps you never said a word about.

Perhaps that is why they say, "actions speak louder than words," as it is through our actions, our acts of kindness towards others, our efforts to get along, to truly love and embrace life, to help those in need and to genuinely care that leaves an indelible mark. It is doing things without saying because you want to, and most importantly because it is in your heart that truly leaves your mark in this life.

What kind of things would others learn about you long after you are gone?
SmartSweet1 SmartSweet1 51-55, F 2 Responses Feb 18, 2012

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That was a great story an so so tru in today's world. You are indeed a very wise woman.

Thank you for your sweet compliment. Isn't or shouldn't it be about people and what we can do for one another in this life?

you do have that right.

wow... great read. ... folks will remember my strong will to live life out loud!... and passing out flowers with hugs and kisses.... omg.. how

Thank you for your nice compliment. Those who will remember you will have many warm and fuzzy feelings. :) It's not's great!