Stole The Girls From A Russian

So this big russian guy (190+ pounds probably, while I am 150 something)

He was talking to 3 girls who really wanted to get rid of him. He used some pick up routine.

Me and 2 guys were talking, and that 3 girls were my pre-determined targets that night. So I led the guys to the table next to them.

I overheard their conversation and it was bad. So I jumped in and said "Did he tell you guys about the C-shaped smile and U-shaped smile?"

I shouldn't have exposed him like that, but I couldn't help it. One girl asked how I knew. She wondered if I was a psychic. I told I could read lips and she laughed.

I did my own routine. And I initiated to arm wrestle the Russian guy. He refused so one of the girls and I were going to arm wrestle instead. He ridiculed us saying it was childish. The girl talked back. And he finally agreed to arm wrestle me.

Everyone thought he would destroy me in seconds. But It was me who destroyed him in seconds. He looked big and muscular, but little did they know I was the arm wrestle king in high school and my University.

I beat him so much that I pressed his hand to the table again and again. Up and then down. Then pull him back up and then down.

I beat him like 10 times.

At the end he kept staying and harrassing the group. I got bored.

He finally said something very racist to my Asian Chinese background, gave me the finger, and then pretend to dash at me or something. I didn't dodge or anything, like most guys would when someone suddenly do that to them, instead, I jerked forward with my full upper body. That girl put hands between us in case we actually dashed into each other and fought.

I was not going to fight him. But I was fully prepared to put him on the ground and hand him over to the security if he did try to hit me or something.

It ruined my night though, even though I out gamed him, and he left without anymore trouble. I was not there to make enemies. I didn't even care enough for the girls.

I was just there to practice. I like everyone and want to be friendly to everyone. It was so not worth it to get into fight with someone because of some random girls.
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Jun 9, 2012