Dear Six Year Old Me

When a man comes up asking for your sister run the other way. Do not talk to him because the damage from that one day isn't worth it. You have been struggling your whole life with fears and depression due to a 45 minute time period.

Dear 12 year old me,
When your mom meets the man she will eventually come to marry don't trust him. He has some serious depression issues and likes to play favorites with you and your siblings. When your 15 and wake up to him touching you, punch him in his ******* throat.

Dear 14 year old me,
Don't shop lift dumb ***. Being grounded for a year, on probation, and having to attend classes wasn't worth it. Besides it cost you a friendship and you now smoke because you wanted so badly to be cool.

Dear 15-18 year old me,
Don't spend so much time being angry. I know life is hard right now but it gets better I promise. Don't let the idiots you go to school with get under your skin so easily. Are any of them so important now that they're a part of your life? Nope and you will look back and realize how silly you were to let meaningless words hurt you.

Dear 17 year old me,
It was your birthday and a full moon. Hotter than hell cause summer was in full swing. Just know that he doesn't love you, will leave you at the end of summer and take your most precious gift with him. Do not lose your virginity to this punk. You will find out later that two weeks later he also took one of your good friends virginity.

Dear 19 year old me,
Go to job corp and have fun. Hang out with out all the people you meet and enjoy those friendships while they last. Even if you did get kicked out for swinging a punch at another girl it was one of the best times of your life. Just respect the rules and don't fight with the *****.

Dear 20-21 year old me,
He isn't worth it either. You will be cheated on, verbally abused and expected to treat him like hes something special. He isn't and you don't love him even though you think you do. Yes he takes you places you have never been. But when you get sick with kidney problems he could care less. Then when you have to have surgery to have kidney stones removed he wont come. Even though he won't start work until after you would get home. Pretty sad you had major surgery then had to take care of yourself and you accepted this fact. Although you wouldn't now.

Dear 22 year old me,
Again he isn't worth it. Are you seeing a pattern here yet? He is crazy and when his mom passes he will beat you until your black and blue. You will go back to him after seven weeks and spend the next five years of your life scared of him.

Dear 26 year old me,
This is the last man you will ever date. You will travel around the country in his semi with him. But he will yell at you when you want to come home cause your home sick. Or when you need to come home to help your mom. He wont bring you home. But he will leave bruises on you more than once. After you break up with him you will try to be roommates. He will get weird when you finally start dating K. Ignore him cause his jealousy isn't worth fighting with her over.

Dear 28 year old me,
Finally you have met someone good, kind, compassionate, and that you fall completely in love with. It will be hard at times but she is so worth it. Your first kiss will be like magic and laying in her arms while falling asleep will become an addiction you know you cant live without. You will spend a lot of time day dreaming about the future and what it holds. She is meant for you, as you are her. Make her see that because she needs to. No matter how scared she is at first she will eventually give into her feelings for you. Ride the wave of life with her because so far it has been pretty damned incredible.

Dear 30 year old me,
This is where this letter ends for now. I'm curious to see where life takes you. Live each day as it comes and don't be in a hurry to live life. Make K get on line at work so you can make more wedding plans. Kiss her and tell her you love her every day. Pick on the kids and wrestle with him he loves it. He wont be little forever and you will regret it someday if you don't get all the play time in you can. But most importantly don't be so hard on yourself. You are worth something and worth loving. Things have a funny way of working out in the end. Trust me,
To me, from me, about me

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Not to intrude , but well lived and well written, hope that it also served your need,