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Dear Casey Anthony,


I just don’t understand why you will not tell people what you’ve done with your beautiful baby girl? All evidence shows that she’s no longer with us but at least provide a location so that she can receive the proper good-bye that she so deserves. There are so many people spending countless hours, searching, hoping that Caylee is found… why won’t you help? Why are you so heartless? I don’t generally wish bad or harm to anyone but I do hope that the women you are sharing a cell with take “special” care of you just as you did your child.


Did you have to kill her? What did she do that was so wrong that made you take her little life? She was just a baby, a future ahead of her, and you stole it… you took her away! You could have taken her to anyone if you couldn’t handle things or no longer loved her. CHILDREN ARE NOT DISPENSIBLE!! I’m not a violent person, nor am I religious, but I can assure you that if there is a hell, your spot is reserved!


May you NEVER smile again, see joy, live, love or feel the air of freedom!


~a mom






Casey Anthony at her July 22 bond hearing.



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you hold her and I'll... oh never mind, not worth the energy

breaks my heart