To Someone I Don't Really Know

A man in the office where I'm currently assisting just became a daddy. His new little boy is having lots of trouble with his liver and may need to return to the hospital for more tests to determine the problem. I don't know him well and he doesn't really know me but I hear him talking about his little guy and the fear in his voice. Regardless I felt I had to send him a little note today and I really hope I didn't over step my boundaries... Your opinions are appreciated.



I know that you don’t know me as you do the others but I wanted to share something with you in hopes that it gives you comfort.


My middle child, Joey, was born a month early. It broke my heart when they ran him to the NICU for his week long stay. All the tubes and tests and having to leave the hospital without my little man just made me feel empty. Then suddenly he gained a little weight and he got to come home and made it over that hurdle. Of course once at home he was on additional meds for his hypocalcaemia and had to go to a specialist… and one day the meds stopped as he jumped that hurdle. From there it was asthma and apnea, machines to help him breathe… and he jumped. He wasn’t speaking at three and I arranged for therapy classes, the psychologists said he was autistic and I got him into a special education program. My little man is now 4 1/2, he takes Tae Kwon Do, has been riding two wheel bikes since the age of 2 ½ (on the trail even), still has a few things to slow him down but for every step back he’s taking five forward. He’s jumping those hurdles in leaps and bounds as will your little man. They look so tiny but they have so much fight.


Keep smiling, keep looking up and keep watching him jump…


*Had to revisit this story when I found these pics, before and after*




 (if 'after' picture works)

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You are the sweetest lady around, and you will get a big hug in the morning. This letter is from someone who knows where he is right now and that will mean a lot. I see tears along with that hug, but tears of acknowledgement for each others pain and journey.

thank you's to everyone.. I am not working in that office anymore so I'll have to call and check up on things. I think it was a good thing...

I will be surprised if he doesn't hug you tomorrow.

The letter actually gave me CHILLS... I was moved by it so much! And while it is full of inspiring words to parents of special children or cases.... it can actually be inspiring to ALL PARENTS! Not to take advantage of our kids whether they are sick, completely healthy, getting on our last In fact, we should hang this letter on our fridges with a fruit magnet beside all the other drawings, pics, grocery lists, and school schedules! ;)

Going out of your way to show an act of kindness to a stranger - what a wonderful gift, to him and his family and for you as well, because somehow doing good will always come back to you!

I am honestly worried that it might offend him for me to jump in but to hear him talk about it you can hear the fear in his voice... so very sad

i dont think he will this was a great thing for you to do!

On the letter he will open it in the morning but I really hope he doesn't take offense to me jumping in. <br />
<br />
As for my Red... yes Yes and YES!!!

MSp two things ... You are wonderful and will you marry me ? :)