A Few Actually

I know, it's not anywhere near Valentine's day. So what! Its a good thing to remember. I saw my friend snowbunny had shared a story so I decided to too. :)

Rather than one long purple-prose letter of mushyness, I wrote him like 3. 0_0 Ha,ha. I wish I was kidding!

I work at the local newspaper and so I used the same software we use for page layouts and made him a mock front page, complete with pictures and captions, an "editing staff" list  and even a wanted poster. It looked just like the real thing except I did silly things like put hearts in the heading line and a fake price. I then put 4 stories on there, 3 written by me, and one typed by my toddler for him. (They are crazy about each other too.) I wrote the story of how we met, and one about how he was the Greatest Man Alive, with the Best Butt, and a whole bunch of other silly made up titles. My last story just explained that yes, his V-day present was a little scary and over the top, but it just meant I loved him so very much. :) I put lots of work and time into it and it was very gratifying that he got it the day before Valentine's. We were on the phone while he opened it and I was so dang nervous. I was blushing and internally groaning asking myself WTH I was thinking when I sent that to him... I was thinking, this is it, this is the moment where Ill know if he really loves me or whether he thinks I'm psycho and is going to be scared from now on. The first time he laughed, I breathed a  little easier. Each time he laughed after that it got even better. By the end I was grinning from ear to ear. He LOVED it! The whole time he was telling me I was so funny and amazing. He even got off the phone with me to show his family! He said it got rave reviews from everyone and his dad thought it was the nicest thing ever. I thought that was extra sweet that he was proud enough to show his family. :) Except then I got to be embarrassed again lol. I hadn't really thought about anyone else seeing it, and it was pretty silly. But whatever, the whole thing went better than expected and he loved it and it made him happy, and that was really the whole point when he's so far away I cant do it in person!

If anyone wants to see it Id be happy to show you. Just not to like, everyone. :p

SouthernSweet SouthernSweet
26-30, F
Apr 25, 2009