Omid's Mission-a Tribute To My Son By: Victoria Yousefi

This is my true story about my young son Omid who was diagnosed with aplastic anemia.
Most people don't know what this is, even researchers weren't familiar 15 years ago about treating this rare and fatal blood disease.

My book honors my son who always had love, faith and hope during his battle with aplastic anemia.
He was laways positive, upbeat and everyone loved Omid. It's not easy losing a child. Omid always wanted me to be strong
and to help bring awareness of this disease to the world. He sacrificed his life knowing that one day in future generations others won't have to go through aggressive treatments that he had gone through.

My book is to generate and to familiarize the world about aplastic anemia.

Omid departed this world remarkably on Valentine's Day-a true "symbol" of love.
He was a true angel and my book will touch your inner soul. It's a true love story and not a sad story.

My book has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

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Jul 11, 2010