Wrote Two Novels - Many Years Ago

I wrote two novels many years ago, one when in high school to deal with the loneliness and bitterness I felt at being an outsider - second done in college for about the same thing - self-published through an on-line publication - also a collection of short stories - don't ever expect to see them published by a big publishing house - not enough sex and violence for them - I hope soon to get ambition to do another one, but still searching for some spark to make it happen...

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2 Responses May 7, 2008

That's fantastic that you've written so much! I really think you should try to publish them though, regardless of their content. There are a lot more people interested in universal emotions like loneliness and sorrow than there are in sex and violence. And really, you never know until you try: it might be the "spark" you need to continue writing! So, I'm rooting for you!

I kowtow to anyone who's finished writing a novel before.<br />
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Why not? There are plenty of good and published books out there that aren't about sex and violence. I wish there were more.