I Wrote So Many Poems, But I Just Read This One From Years Ago... Thought I'd Share It.

I'd Dance, I'd Torture (sorry it's short)

I'd dance among clouds if I could fly.
I'd dance through endless fields of golden flowers if I could plant their seeds.
I'd twirl, spin, jump; hold my arms up high, if I could stand atop of the Earth.
I'd dance with you tonight, if the night would never end.
I'd watch my feet twist and turn upon the waters, if I could dance on water.

I'd light everyone on fire if they couldn't suffer from it.
I'd scream in everyone's ear if it wouldn't deafen them.
I'd shoot guns off all the time if I had an open range and knew the bullets wouldn't hurt a soul.
I'd run away from it all if I knew I would be allowed to return.
I'd drown the ones that have caused me severe pain if I knew they'd stay alive.
I'd kill it all off if I knew it all would come back to life. 
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Ty :). It totally is !! Poetry is beautiful I'd love to read some of yours :)

Very awesome :) I get it, poetry is like a release... It's all I do too :D

Awww Thanks Angel!! Didn't know it had so much feeling to it.. thanks :].<br />
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Thank you Zafeiri :]

Gosh, this is beautiful. I love the way you write..

O_O<br />
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This is brilliant! I love love love how it started off in a cheerful tone, and then it ended with a melancholy one. Gave me the chills! :O (in a good way xD)

It was a direct hit of my feelings, usually when I write the happy go lucky is at the end, but this time around I guess it flipped. The depressed angry tone is the stronger force anyway :].<br />
*smiles* I'm so glad you love it :D

Thank you that means a lot since I thought it kinda sucked :D. Glad you enjoyed reading it!

This is a great poem. Im glad I read it. =]

I already did JUST as u asked ^_^

Add me as a friend already.. and message me :].

Yeah I really Would!! ^_^ Okay great..cant wait to read some of your poems =)

:D. Aww you would? Well okay I don't mind sharing some... that's very sweet thanks :]

No problem ...well it is a Great Poem =) Yeah the ending is good to ..just that dat line i really like..=D<br />
Oh i would like 2 read some more of ur poems..dats if its kool with you =) Bet all your poems are good.^_^

Thank you... that means a lot, since it's kinda old. :] The only part of this poem I like is the ending. Oh trust me, I will... it's all I do.

Wow Its a beautiful poem..i wish i could write..poems...=D <br />
=) Love the line.."I'd dance with you tonight, if the night would never end"<br />
Keep on writing your good at it =)