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Rainy Days

Chilly; cool weather is my favorite,
And with you I wish to share it,
Puddles of water beneath my feet,
It is you I'm here to meet.

Sitting in the rain, knowing you won't come,
Brings back pain and makes me feel numb,
The cool wind brings a shiver to my spine,
Oh, what a shame you're no longer mine.

No rainbows, no sun,
Only rain drops by the ton,
Sitting lonely in such fine weather,
Watching you- dancing light as a feather.

I wrote this poem for my honors English class but my teacher didn't like it lol
BabyBrunette BabyBrunette 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 25, 2011

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I love this poem. Rainy chilly weather is so calming and relaxing, not to mention you feel at one with nature.

Why thank you! :D