Dictionary, thesaurus are full of words,
An arrangement of characters that when rearranged,
lead to a new thought.

Words that creates our speech,
that helps us to talk, converse,
That are spoken by literate, illiterate, people adverse.

Words are ingredients that make n break.
Something that everyone can freely give n take.

Words are needed to put forth your emotions,
To decorate n give voice to heart's creation.

Words can be few, they can be long,
They are what tells a touchin story,
or constitute a lovely song.

They express a lover's delight,
or things that his eyes imply,
These are what relieves a baby from the effort of wail n cry.

Words are what compels a war,
Can bring brutality to end.
Words when misunderstood can turn foes of friends.

They may be simple, they may be complex,
Once uttered can be both disappointing or may leave you perplexed.

When spoken by authority, they make you abide,
When rendered by a child, they make you pride.

Earth, air, water, fire and space, are the essential elements to life,
But words are what are must, for us to thrive.
lovablesome1 lovablesome1
26-30, M
Apr 23, 2011