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‘Hello’ is such a strong word,
It brings people together.
No matter what language you speak,
They will understand you wherever.
‘Hello’ can make you smile,
But often it can make you cry,
For you know that every Hello,
Is followed with goodbye.
‘Hello’ falls easily from your lips,
But Goodbye is so hard to say,
You want to experience new things,
But you also want to stay.
‘Hello’ can change a person,
As you realise you have to leave.
The word becomes less cheerful,
And much harder to believe.
So shall we no longer say it?
You can just enter then walk away.
But the sentiment won’t be the same,
So you can say ‘Hello’ for just one more day.

AN: The inspiration for this came from SHINee's 'Hello'. The meaning however came from a personal battle with wanting to follow my dream but being scared to let go of what I already have. XxxX Comments would be appreciated. :)

lifenotknife lifenotknife 22-25, F Jul 14, 2011

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