Started a Week Ago..

I started writing a poem about a week ago. I really want it to be nice when I've finished. I work on it almost every night and change words and rewrite lines. I'm still not even close to satisfied with my work, but here it is anyway..

I think the poem needs some declaration.  First of all, it is about finding the one person you're meant to be with, which I do believe exists. The first 2 stanzas are somehow kind of dreams of what this person would be able to do, kind of looking into the future, and the second 2 stanzas are taking place in the present time. Not everything rhymes, but I believe that not every poem has to rhyme to be good. And there are also 2 lines which are much shorter than the others. But that's just what I felt like. It's not that I wanted them to be that short to lay stress on them, it just felt right, and probably they are quite important. Well, all I wanted to say by that last sentence is, that I didn't think about how to make those 2 lines seem more important, it just happened this way. The end might be a bit morbid.

Anyway. That was a lot of talk about something that probably doesn't earn that much words. So, here it is:

Please believe me when I say,
that you are the only one,
who makes my life fulfilled.
You embrace my days with happiness
leaving me in endless gratefulness,
for having found you.

My only burden is to love you,
with all my heart and all my soul.
You are the sword that decollates my enemies.
and banishes all of life's atrocities.
You're the tour-guide through my life,
leading me along the only right path,
always conducting me to your love.

Right now you make me feel so incomplete,
since I know that you're not there when I need you,
that is not yet.
I don't know if I'll find you in the end,
so that our hearts will mend.

If I give up now and stop searching,
all of the pain will simply vanish.
But I can't die knowing that there will be something missing.
A kiss.
As the time comes, when each other we'll miss,
your lips won't meet my forehead,
guiding me to heavenly bliss.


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2 Responses May 7, 2008

You, my dear friend, are amazing and I expect no less from you. That poem will be AMAZING!

Oooo...can't wait to hear it!