Mr. Right

Once upon a starry night
I met a love I thought was right
I settled down to live a life
& thought one day I'd be your wife 

Times were hard, but we pulled through
Laughs and smiles were but a few
Life was sorted and then times were good
Nothing could break the stone upon which we were stood 

The one day a curse came along
I thought our love was standing strong
How wrong I was to think we'd survive
To think our love would stay alive 

Do you both even know how you made me feel
was breaking my heart part of the deal
You're in her arms now, each day and night
When all I wanted was for you to be Mr. Right

Elvira1969 Elvira1969
36-40, F
6 Responses Apr 6, 2007

so simple yet so heartbreaking. Thank you.

so beautiful and sad so heart breaking. I was in that situation ones and it really hurts. I like your poem. keep it up... keep writing

I know how you feel! Aw

Wow! this touched a nerve with me, it's beautiful :) and so heartbreaking. Very good. XxX

Wow. I could stay on this group all day if I listen to poems this good.

Round of Applause. That was beautiful.