Elysian Fields

It is but the wish of coming home,
What ever was home never existed in this Elysian fields of mine,
So that bliss of floating down the river was the feeling of home,
You were my pass my forever memory as i flowed to the cascading mines.
Soon i shall tumble in a glittering abyss. will you catch me in your velvet arms?
You warm water clear and pure, kisses cool under the balmy ripples.
I shall swim by this boat forever going home, perhaps that's my Elysian fields.
What shall I see when perhaps i meet an end to this flowing wind of calm love.
Love is the water that surrounds me kissing my soul to swim.
I shall flow in your arms returning all forgotten kisses over the years,
Perhaps you shall forgive me for taking so long to return.
twinklinstar twinklinstar
18-21, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

This is very inspiring. I am ready and willing to travel just lookin for sincere people to experience this dream with