Now I fear I am but a fool
Standing alone though known it is for the better
Foolish for these beliefs still will not waiver
Foolish for believing I will ever forget her.

This warm heart beats only fool's blood.
Starting in my heart and rushing to my head
Pumping everything I have into this foolish belief
Infecting me further with this infection I spread

Why is he so foolish she may ask herself
Knowing full well deep down as to the why
This fool could never deny what he feels
...And this fool could never even try

Nodding in agreement, or so it may seem
This fool withdraws into all the beauty he's seen
Not hearing her crushing words of endless denial
Just empty-headed bows to his beloved queen

Rest assured though, Queen, for he knows his place
Only foolish for wanting nothing more than your touch
Beauty beyond anything his dumb eyes have ever seen
With a heart and a soul that he loves so very much

So this fool now only know of one direction
Must keep his simple eyes laid upon the prize
In hopes that one day he will find his clumsy way
Into the light, shining upon her regal green eyes.
420sunny 420sunny
26-30, M
May 13, 2012