My Poem

If you really wanna hear me scream,

Then cover me in gasoline,

Set me alight with the match of the dead,

Watch as the flames burn a hole in my head.

Come smell my weeping heart,

Lift it high and tear it apart,

For nothing can hurt as much,

As not feeling your tender touch.

Weaker and weaker I grow,

Why I’m ill they do not know,

You’re the cause of my pain,

The doctors think I’ve gone insane.

These feelings are suicide,

Worse than worldwide genocide,

No reason to disbelieve,

You cause my heart to bleed.

So think of me in hell,

As I’m walking around alive and well,

You can’t hurt me anymore,

You’re gone, taken away by the war.


please let me know what you think of my poem xxxxxxx

lifenotknife lifenotknife
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14 Responses Apr 10, 2007

Great work :)

I love rhythm and rhyme. this is one of my favorites I've read here! Please continue to share your talent.

Thank yoy so much :D This is my favorite poem i have written to-date. Your comments mean so much to me, thank you. XxxxxxxxxxX

thankyou to you all, i have a massive bank of poems ready to burst out...think im going to post one on here that is close to my heart XxxxX

i loved it i write poetry myself

hey ,y name aint debrah ae kool

That's a nice little poem- I hope you continue to write many more oxo

nice poem......<br />
hope I can be as great us you....

hey thanx for the comments everybody there great to hear...the last line needs some work tho but ive done that in another version..thanx again xxxx

I think its totally sweet!!<br />
Can be taken in many contexts.<br />
Just depends on who you are and where you are in your mind.

i loved that too - the imagery, the emotion! i reckon some badly written poems [in my view] are like stone - no heart. that's definitely not a prob here! keep going, i say! :D

thankyou very much that means alot xxxxx

Wow...that's one of the best poems I ever read, it's great, you're really talented :)

Wow...that's one of the best poems I ever read, it's great, you're really talented :)