This Heart Is Mine.

All I want is love
But all I get is lust
I wish my heart could find a home
With someone I can trust

When I find the perfect one
For with my heart to share
I couldn’t even give it up
For its not even there

I’ve gifted my heart a few times
Two to be exact
The first guy did return it
You didn’t, that’s a fact

You took my heart so long ago
I doubt you even know
That you still have it with you
Won’t you please just let it go?

My heart is the best part of me
But clearly not to you
You just want me physically
You can’t deny it’s true

Yes, it feels amazing
But it does not compare
To the way you made my heart feel
But you don’t even care

To you I’m just an option
It will always be that way
My heart can’t take it anymore
With you it cannot stay

I will always love you
This is not a lie
But now I take my heart back
And now this is goodbye.

djune0991 djune0991
18-21, F
Jun 27, 2012