For My Girlfriend

Sometimes I focus on everything bad,
Everything that's got me thinking of throwing the towel in,
Makes me want to jump off a platform of any kind.

Sometimes we meet somebody that takes away the will to jump,
And I guess I'm just that lucky,
'Cause I met you.

So now I'm thinking of the house we built, that housed our love.
And it never collapsed, because it was always there.

You shared kisses with me that I swear I lived in.
Moments so sweet that not even time could let go of.

Sometimes when you touched me, I cried because I could feel
Everything you felt about me.
And it was just that beautiful.

But you were always that beautiful baby, never anything less.

And when we cried together, we let our tears form a river.
Because your tears became mine, I'd never let you go it alone.

So whenever you're at the ledge, wanting to jump,
Think of our house and our river.
Think of our love and jump into that instead.

I will catch you, my beautiful girl.
I'll never let you fall.
mjme26 mjme26
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 9, 2012

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