Take Me

Take Me


Take me to the moment when I was born

To see the world again for the first time

To see the smile on my father’s face

To see the tears of joy of mother’s eyes


Take me to where the angels dance

Where all is white no color black

Where I could be just a little girl

Sitting on my father’s lap


Take me to the open shores

Where freedom is not just a dream

Where colors of life turn bright

Where the sun is never veiled by the night


Take me to the open road

Where no choice is ever imposed

Where children run wild and free

Of wars, blood, hatred and fear


Take me where the winds of heaven blow

Where mountains seem green and small

Where the sacred drops of rain fall

Washing away people’s sins and woes


Take me to a river of endless words

Where the gaps of this scattered piece seal

For each word is but a feeling I missed

Or a faint memory once real yet lost 

Axielle Axielle
22-25, F
4 Responses May 17, 2007

Wow! Take me home with you!!

wow :)

sincerely beautiful

I really liked that, thanks for sharing :)