In Memory of Peter Jennings

You were the fireplace in my living room.
You were the radio man in the television.

You were the reason I took television production in junior college...
And you were the reason I went back to take journalism,
When I realized television production
Had as much to do with reporting the news as engineering had to do
With trains.
You were the only thing I ever took with me
When I travelled, and, perhaps more accurately,
The only person I ever travelled with.
You were the fulcrum
On which I balanced all the
Decisions and indecisions of the world

You were transcendant of partisanship.
You were the collective hope of millions.
You were the voice of reason in the roaring tide of
Fanaticism, the rational comfort in
The face of defeat.

You were the found puzzle-piece we never had
To begin with.
slowrewind slowrewind
22-25, F
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