Sit And Wait

It’s always dark every time I look out the window.
I don’t mind, I like the darkness. It soothes me.
Everything seems so perfect calm. Hidden away as silhouettes.
It’s the time of day I can stop and breath. Let my thoughts be my own. I can be myself.

It´s now I realize how alone I feel. That I´m incomplete.

It´s now I realize what matters. Not me, but we. The forgotten one. The rising sun.

I sit and wait. So strong and pale. For my day to come. So bright and frail.

I sit and wait.

I wake up as a different person. To a flawed world and forgotten dreams.
Out on the streets full of frauds and pretenders.
I lose myself to the same old spot. Hold my breath, try to ride it off.

Choplee Choplee
26-30, M
Dec 7, 2012