I've Been Doing It Since I Was 10 Years Old

The way I feel for you The times we spent together

were never supposed to end

You promised me forever

now it's my heart that I must


If I could have just 1 wish,

you'd love me like before.

I'd see that love all over

your face,

I'd never wish for more.

To feel your touch

upon my skin,

would feel so good

and mean so much.

My heart's still yours,

my body too,

I was made by God,

just for you.

I will always love you,

I will always care,

whenever you need me,

I'll always be there

I dreamt of you before we met

I kissed your face,

you made me wet.

My body aches just for you

I promise, NO! I swear that

it's true!

No one could ever take your


To even try would be a waste

Without you, I'm empty inside

There's nowhere to go,

And I can't hide.

My tears keep falling,

you won't hear me calling,

Baby, I'm lost without you

I wanna come home

whenever you're ready just

let me know.

Write it in a letter or tell

me on the phone.

I should be with you each day

and night.

the way we've been lately

just isn't right

I know that you love me,

you know I love you.

Never doubt my love is true.
RobsRose RobsRose
31-35, F
1 Response May 19, 2007

its awesome... I write poetry too but not as good as yours :)