Fly Away

Sometimes, we will feel the need to

Never let our feelings go;

With our teeth and talons sharpened

We defend them from below.

You, though; you have crossed the line, or

Maybe I did, maybe both

In a flying leap, it’s broken;

Of this breakage, I am loath.

Now I have no further want of

Pain with which to fill my days

Oh, but how I once did long to

Bask in your admiring gaze.

This day’s perfect for escape, for

Flying off into the sky

To the sun, I stretch my wings,

Embark upon this sunny lie.

I will learn to fly without you;

I won’t steal away your time

I don’t need your judging guidance

I don’t need your hand in mine.

Now I flee you, fully knowing -

You’ve been with me every day

I release my talons from you

Leave your roost; just fly away.

sondosia sondosia
18-21, F
1 Response May 20, 2007

this is beautiful.