I feel the emptiness inside
i cant escape the pain;
while my tears fall
and burn my face like acid rain.
Burning the face that once smiled
that once glowed full of life;
as a fake smile replaces the real one
everyone thinks i'm alright.
I look in the mirror
and guess what i see;
i see the reflection of a strtanger
she doesnt reflect me.
How can i be DeAnna
if it feels she no longer exsists;
when the anger swells up inside me
and i clich each of my fists.
C'mon look deep in my eyes
you'll be scared of what you see;
you'll see alittle bit of you
reflecting deep inside of me.
I'm the girl you see running
im the lonely girl in the crowdec room;
i am the girl who says i dont care
when deep inside i really do.
It feels like anger controls me
that it covers me inside out;
in each cell,organ,and body part
it pushes its way out.
Im hurting right now,i really am
as tears fall from my bloodshot eyes;
theres not enough bandaids to heal me
if my heart breaks one more time.
For me everyday is a constant battle
a war i will never win;
but i will keep fighting everyday
till death meets me in the end.

wrote by me ...missdddd
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Jan 16, 2013