The Water

The Thrashing waves
The passing days
They Drown out my Life
They blow me out like a Candle
i Am but a sea Shell.
A Husk of what was.
Shes gone now and forever
Lost to the Endless Abyss
Far beyond my reach.
I Can strive
i can drive twords Her
i can kneel before her.
But ill never feel that warm, Wet arm after swimming
That Wrinkled, Snorting nose as she laughed.
That Smile on her face as she played
in the Sprinkler..
The water,ended her
It killed her soul.
The water, Drowned her.
Like a Foul In a river.
She screamed.
She swollowed Water.
She thrashed.
The waves crashed.
And all was silent as counsiousness Escaped her.
A Single tear.
A Lone drop off rain.
On the silent hill of that day.
The water, Killed her.
There is no more to say.
TheMourningMother TheMourningMother
26-30, F
Jan 18, 2013