I feel the emptiness inside
i cant escape the pain;
while my tears fall
and burn my face like acid rain.
Burning the face that once smiled
that once glowed full of life;
as a fake smile replaces the real one
everyone thinks i'm alright.
I look in the mirror
and guess what i see;
i see the reflection of a strtanger
she doesnt reflect me.
How can i be DeAnna
if it feels she no longer exsists;
when the anger swells up inside me
and i clich each of my fists.
C'mon look deep in my eyes
you'll be scared of what you see;
you'll see alittle bit of you
reflecting deep inside of me.
I'm the girl you see running
im the lonely girl in the crowdec room;
i am the girl who says i dont care
when deep inside i really do.
It feels like anger controls me
that it covers me inside out;
in each cell,organ,and body part
it pushes its way out.
Im hurting right now,i really am
as tears fall from my bloodshot eyes;
theres not enough bandaids to heal me
if my heart breaks one more time.
For me everyday is a constant battle
a war i will never win;
but i will keep fighting everyday
till death meets me in the end.
deannalovesgaige deannalovesgaige
26-30, F
4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I wish I had your talent.
You truly are an emphatic person. ;)
faith and belief is something I felt at the end there, but the way to the end of that poem hurt a lot.... Good job. well done ;) and your a damn good writer ;) keep it up.

The fact that you write from a place so deep on the inside of you, is BRAVE!.
When you write you give a voice to the hurt and pain and in so doing secrets are exposed and all important part of healing.
You will smile again and mean it.
You will feel real joy again.
Wait....just wait and see.
Be good to yourself, why???? because you DO deserve it and don't intertain the thoughts that you don't.
Keep putting your feelings down, I admire you.

Impressive~ no ****! Keep writing have talent....

ty :D

Love it! The imagery depicted is really good, and that takes a certain amount of skill =)
These are my favourite lines:

"It feels like anger controls me
that it covers me inside out;
in each cell,organ,and body part
it pushes its way out."

Something about these lines really speaks to me =)

ty :D i only write about what i am just flows from my pen i never think i just feel

spoken like a true poet =) I'm exactly the same, I don't think about it, I just write on instinct.