The Perfect Him

written MAY,25,2007

I will forever live my life
missing an enormous peice

My home is broken and so

Never a father to
show me an example of
a real man

so i have gone threw life
trying to find something
that i've never seen,

How is this possibable?
How naive could i be?

I never knew exactly what to look
for, just taking things as they came and dealing with
all the pain that every male-indivial always brought to me.
leaving me to the conception that men are my worst enemy

But i was told to keep my enemies close, because you
never know how exactly they will plan to destroy
you. but i can admit i always did the destroying of oneself for them
because the pain i suffered was sometimes so over wheliming.
But no one ever told me what to do,

So i kept them in my life
Even when i was lied to, cheated on
and betrayed. Sometimes even used.

So i lived thinking this
is how boys or men are suppose
to be! Never Had thaT father to ever
show me The example of a real maN.

i now understand why some women
put up with about everything to keep
that sorry excuse for a man in there life

because there the ones just like me
ignorant and confused
just wanting so anxiously
to feel complete.

Thanks to my father i will
now live my life searching for the
"perfect him" to fill in that enormous
missing peice

18-21, F
1 Response May 25, 2007

Hello again,you sound so sad. I would like to encourage you that there are good men to be found. You are worthy of a good relationship to be loved and Respected. As a older woman some may say i come from the old school. But i really believe if you give your self a break and some time, you can find the one who will love you unconditionally. give yourself some time. Do not rush into a relationship too quickly, be honest with yourself.