I Want Your Opinion On These Poems of Mine

Why, oh, why you left me
Alone in this cold world,
Filling my heart with grief,
Turning me against myself?
For what do I have now
Except my worn memory that hurts me so much.


I would caress your hair, crying silently.
I would kiss you knees tenderly.
I would long for your eyes
And feel sore if you were far away.
I dream of you in my despair    
Until I wake up in this place
Which laughs at me hideously,
Telling me you are not with me
And that you never will be.


What now seems to be a shaft of light
Might be dimmed tomorrow
And you need a solid basement
Not to drown in an ocean of tears


I will see my Love tomorrow,
My heart sings.
I will see my Love tomorrow.
What else do I need ?

Evil deeds of Time confront us, -
My heart bleeds.
I will see my Love tomorrow,
It's a marvelous bliss.
winston winston
26-30, M
2 Responses May 25, 2007

the way to say to no be mean, is that you have feelings in beetwen, I am more wrong to give you 5, so I will ask for more supplise, keep up the good work four your love, write all it is coming in your mind heart, and you may find yourself indeed, a feeling writher and a three, where many soulds will come to kiss, to rest and feel the wind blow .....thee

your poems are short but filled with a million words, such deep meanings but so simply said. i love them! you got talent