Who Is She?





I don’t know who she really is
I’m still trying to figure that out
why did she look at me like this?
What is on her mind right now?

Her life is a mystery
she keeps everything a secret
she is a locked up diary
that nobody has read

she tries to manage her life
she has always been alone
but somehow she survived
she must be really strong

she’s been down so many times
but got back up by herself
no matter how hard it gets she tries
because nobody offers help

what is written in her soul?
why is she always sad?
why did she put up that wall?
in hope to be protected

you never see her laugh
it’s rarely that she smiles
she’s pretends to be tough
but then breaks down and cries

there is something she can’t fight
it gets her really down
she’s about to lose her mind
and nobody is around

Something is tearing her apart
she is dying in the pain
it has blackened her heart
she is about to go insane

how much more can she take
how much longer will she fight
the happy faces she puts on are fake
because she’s dead inside

what did she do to deserve all that?
She has ran out of power
what was going on in her head?
when she jumped off that tower?

GrueneRose GrueneRose
1 Response Jun 6, 2007

I really feel that way about a friend of mine who is a guy. I think that is a wonderfully written poem.