I Got Into Poetry For The Money

I wrote and published my first poem at 6, my career as a poet has been uphill ever since.  I publish and perform, but lately other ventures have crowded it out.  Here's one of my better ones, it reduced a friend of mine to tears - in the world of poetry that's considered a home run.


Such as This


On a day such as this

There simply is no hope

Of work
Nothing to be done but mount my bicycle
And coast in summer air
Refreshing, clean, and empty
The vast sky nearly cloudless
A sparkling, blue infinity
Frigate winds tempering the

Slip-your-clothes-off heat
I glide upon smooth pavement
Floating, almost flying
And for all the world believe I’m by the sea
Every shore I’ve ever loved in August
Nantucket, Newfoundland, and Skye
All of it rains down on me
One exquisite memory
Almost too good to endure
Lobster, butter, fresh, sweet corn
Bonfires on the beach
Clams we dug out of the muck ourselves
With tender, wriggling toes
Tough knife, squirt of lemon juice
Down the hatch it goes
How you sat on the slats
Of that Adirondack chair
In your dripping bathing suit
And when you rose
The wet ghost you left

ElLagarto ElLagarto
56-60, M
10 Responses Jun 18, 2007

Merci. (I still miss that girl.)

Thanks. Somebody said of it, "The longing is in the details." Very nice I think.

Wow... I can see it , feel it.. <br />
<br />
what a great sensation of memories..<br />

Wow... I can see it , feel it.. <br />
<br />
what a great sensation of memories..<br />

Wow... I can see it , feel it.. <br />
<br />
what a great sensation of memories..<br />

You guys are tearing me up. Thanks a lot. Yes, BrutMystik, so often in poetry details do the hardest work, one reaches the universal through the specific. Boogie on.

I agree with Novelplan. It is a beautiful poem and the visual impact is great...but the yearning is in the details, isn't it? I really liked it.

I'm feeling very sad about this site today for reasons I won't trouble you with. I will say that your highly intelligent response to this poem made me feel good once again about all the creative risks I've taken here. Despite what people think, being a poet is not for the faint of heart. Have a wonderful day.

Thank you very much. That poem is a sentimental favorite and I appreciate your kinds words. The attached link will take you to a few more of my better poems, in case you're interested. www.invisibledriving.com/poems/archive/archive.html

I like how you don't shy away from 'difficult to use words'. like adirondack. and muck.<br />
<br />
and the line about the 'slip your clothes off heat' is pretty much amazing.