The Mask

Close your eyes
And look at me
Beyond the opaque mask you see
And tell me,
Don’t lie
Can you now see my alibi?

Beyond the creamy porcelain,
My steady shield
Is wearing thin
The sword you wield
Created scars
Like space-time bent
By heavy stars.

Just look, just look -
My pretty mask
So sweetly suited for its task.
It’s like the cover of a book
The book that answers
What you ask.

Please, I ask you
Please don’t break
The mask I tried so hard to make
And don’t dismiss it
As a fake
It’s just as real
As our mistake.

A crack appears
Awakes my fears
I’m frantic, hopeless
I can’t breathe
So please, my mask,
Come back to me
Regain your safe opacity.

But I was wrong
So wrong, so wrong
What’s lost to me
Is lost for long
And what a fool was I to think
A mask can make me truly strong.

Indeed, those masks
Don’t tempt the wise,
Who never falter into lies
Instead, they labor
Day and night
Until their truth
Is their disguise.

sondosia sondosia
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 5, 2007