String Theory

Beyond the clouds of everything
Beyond the atmosphere
The world is dangling on a string
A blue suspended sphere

I want to take that string, intact
And spin it on a loom
Or make a cradle for a cat
Create a witch’s broom

I want to take it in my hand
And twirl it round and round
Or stretch it like a rubber band
And twist it, tightly wound

I want the people of the world
To dance like marionettes
Attached to strings that I control
And twist without regrets

The world will be my playground
And its denizens, my dolls
The cosmos will enclose, surround
The Earth, a rubber ball

And then this planet, it will lie
Completely in my hands
So I’d be free to satisfy
The deepest of demands

For I would twist those strings of fate
To melt the rigid glue
I’d fly toward that timeless date
That brings me close to you

I’d move entire galaxies
And dive into black holes
I’d conquer space and charcoal seas
And even sell my soul

But here my hope dies with a gasp
To rule another day
For now the string’s not in my grasp
So far, so far away.

sondosia sondosia
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 5, 2007

Wonderful poem with ABAB quatrains! :D How do you manage keeping that strict syllabi-pattern [8,6,8,6]? *Stares in admiration*