I flew my kite
In thunderstorms
Where fog and clouds
Took different forms
They’re friends today
Tomorrow, foes
First flooding rains
Then heavy snows

I lay down on
The railroad tracks
Just like a figure
Made of wax
And waited for
My train to come
Its thunder now
A gentle hum

I ran away
And picked up speed
My heart devoured
By secret need
The wind tied tangles
In my hair
I gasped in vain
The empty air

I jumped right off a cliff
And flew
Above the starry sea,
So blue
And as I sailed away,
I knew
That when I land
I’ll be with you.


sondosia sondosia
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

beautiful!<br />
<br />
i was thinking of adding you to my circle but your profile's tagged as private. :)

oooh. the line "The wind tied tangles<br />
In my hair" is brilliant.<br />
<br />
so visually appealing.

This is Fantastic, it could a poem and a song!! serious Kudo's Are you published? You should be!<br />
Of course ,.......I know how hard that is. You should send it too yourself or a good friend by registered mail, and not open it.