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I'll put one of my most well-known ones here. :D

Stars (for Lana).

As blessed beauty darkness overthrows,
My eyes are cast upon the star we chose
To call our own, and it is closer still
Than when we viewed it out the windowsill.

All other stars are dim compared to this,
Which brings to mind the one I sorely miss.
How lovely now in memory portrayed
Are you, my dear, by whom all others fade.

There cannot be a brighter star than you,
Whose brilliant white makes beautifully blue
The dark and dismal sky in which you shine.
How I adore you, wishing you were mine.

A sky with you could not be darkened, dear,
As I cannot be saddened with you near.
You bring my life its light, and so I pray
That you may be my brightest star someday.

(by Chris Huff written Ap11'07 2241h)

That poem won second in a national competition :)
I hope you enjoy!
chuff chuff
18-21, M
Jul 9, 2007