Friends Aren't Always Human (reflects My Crush On Nature)

A lone willow stood swaying in an otherwise empty field.

 It was my favorite tree.

It was my best friend.

One could say it's branches drooped down because of the sadness of being all alone......

But upon further inspection I realized it wasn't weeping...but DANCING!

Dancing with the honeysuckle that wrapped around its branches .......and the insects crawling up its trunk.

Unbothered by the rain that pounded its roots.

Unbothered by its inability to stretch its limbs toward the hidden sun.

I used to lay underneath it.

Breathing in the sweet scent of the forest far away.

I told it my problems.

And it answered me by softly dropping tiny green leafs onto my face.

Through storms.

Through sunshine.

And through snow it comforted me like nothing ever had before.

I watered it when the grass around it began to die

And I consoled it when construction became too close.

When pre-fabricated dollhouses started popping up nearer and nearer it's home.

It cried for me

 Afraid to lose me forever!

But I explained NOTHING could seperate us.

Not now or ever!

It was my turn to stand up for something I believed in.

So I dug!

I dug with urgency and determination looking for its slippery roots.

I could think of nothing else than to save my friend.

To ease its pain and take aways its fear.

Because one day I needed my children to look upon this same beautiful tree for comfort

. ......Just as I had.

I removed a single brown root and wrapped it in cloth.

As if it were the most special present I had ever been given.

Minutes, days, and years passed as I wondered if my friend had taken to the land .....of it's new home.

And then time STOPPED when one day when I looked out of my window to see .......the most splendid sight!

A baby sapling sprouting in the rain.

Over time it grew and blossomed as my grandchildren swung from it's branches ........and napped in its shade.

I had kept my promise of loving it always as it had loved me.

And when the time came when I could no longer walk to the window to see .......its beautiful dances

 I could still feel its comfort and serenity in my heart.

On a bright windy day I was laid to rest under its weepy canopy.

From the beginning, I had always known that when I go

There was nowhere else I'd rather be than lying in the shade of my willow tree.

CandyTeeth CandyTeeth
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 26, 2007

That was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful