I Am a Strong Woman and I Will Not Apologize For It

I am a strong woman and I will not apologize for it


A truly strong woman is a force that is so very dynamic


A woman whose strength comes natural and is somewhat majestic


It is an innate inclination, impulse and drive


She loves and accepts herself completely, knows shes not perfect yet and still she strives


Strong women need strong men, strong men feel strong women is what theyre made for


It seems fitting to see word of mouth reveal that muscle in true form weighs so much more


Some men need a woman weaker than they


So they can partake in a staged 'save the day'


There is no courage no strength and no valor in that


If you ask me, I say that ***** pretty wack


A real woman needs a real man to stand up and say


'Im attracted to your strength, it's a challenge to me


A chance for me to show you and I both how strong I can be'


A mans strength is not defined by his ability to control


Nor his ability to dictate, write or moderate a show


If youre looking for the definition of a strong man go back a few lines


An individuals strength is defined the same way across gender lines


For one to be strong enough to hold another


Support must be given, much more than a lover


Its constant giving of your self but by giving, receiving


And the security from knowledge that neither is leaving


Because both forces are required for each individuals breathing


Therefore neither would cause the others heart any grieving


 I am a strong woman and I will not apologize for it


Some men gain superficial strength and revel in a womans pain


Like a childhood bully playing elementary school games


He gains false esteem from a woman who is somewhat stregnthless


As if her inability to move were an indication of his greatness


I am a strong woman and I will not apologize for it


I know admission to my heart and emotions is a prize


A man must treasure it while he has it because he'll lose it with lies


A strong woman can bear all the strife in the world


But will only choose to do so for a man who'd never imply she could would or should


I am a strong woman and I will not apologize for it


A strong woman is no more in control of how she feels than anyone else


Shes merely choosy, for she knows completely the full value of her self

She is not foolish, nor unintelligent, unreasonable, short-sighted or vain

She recognizes clear fault lines, indicating inability to bear substantial strain

If giving of herself, her emotions and heart proves to be painful more often than not

And all that she is, is more than he can hold compounded with lack of appreciation for the all that hes got

Then here lies the choice to cross a line that divides many women

You see, some women would simply stay and keep right on givin

Some might even confuse their choice to endure sustained pain

With strength, courage or love but that's really a shame

Because its the woman who has love of self paired with strength and courage deep in her being

That is able to stand and walk away so securely, its almost as if gods given her a higher level of seeing

She is able to see for her self, that she must pull it all right back in

Her heart, love, emotions,  yes all that she has given

I am a strong woman and I will not apologize for it

The strong woman is not bitter, not angry or scorned

She mearly yields to her wisdom as if shes been warned

She does not blame anyone and is grateful for the love that she shared

She is comfortable on her own, she need not be paired

She knows that what she wants, needs, desires and deserves

Exists somewhere, and until it finds her she'll take what life serves

I am a strong woman and I will not apologize for it

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

I feel you!!! Thank you

Thank you for validating what I know in my heart to be true. I can't pretend not to be everything that I am.

This is so beautiful!!! I mean really. I am like this. Thank you so much for this. It makes me cry. I understand the message in every word. Beautiful!