EP and Me

When I found this site, I felt such delight.

The people I meet, just seem so neat.

I read a story here and there.

I feel as though I can let down my hair.

When I feel moved by what is said,

Ideas and words seem to pop into my head.

A story speaking of someones dispaire,

tends to make me wish I was there.

To share a kind word or offer advice,

makes me feel like helping out twice.

I read another story and it comes full circle.

Another friend to add to my circle.

People are kind and willing to share,

both their happy times as well as their sad.

When one person feels that they are all alone,

others speak up and and cause them to change their tone.

We all have thoughts we think are our own,

when someone else shows up and replies,

"Well written my friend, it brought tears to my eyes.

I feel the same way and couldn't have worded it better!"

We come here to share and our thoughts and our woes,

why we can't leave, no body knows.

On to the next experience we go,

only to find we experienced it also.

We are all so alike, but different just the same.

Each of us individuals, but feeling the same.

Then there are times when we can not see,

why others don't understand what we always believed.

We comment here and we comment there,

only to learn that that there is so much more out there.

I'm happy when I'm here, reading and learning.

Opening my eyes to so many new things.

That's how I feel when I am on EP,

like part of a huge, loving family.

I love being a part of EP, and now EP is a part of me.



To my ever expanding circle of friends,

I pray that this experience never ends.

My feelings of kindness and my words of sharing,

help make my days much more caring.

That is why I like the phrase "EP and me."



Loveisallaround Loveisallaround
46-50, F
5 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Thanks for commenting. I forgot I wrote this and it is reminding me to put another poem I wrote on the computer so I can send it in to our Hospice newsletter.

I look forward to reading more of your stories and poems.

Why thank you very mush, it is very kind of both or you.

Well written and very true.

I feel very much the same my new friend :)