My Poem For Recovery

The once was a boy, who could never find

A place to live. Only a place to hide

He couldn’t bear the thought of people being aware

He couldn’t breakaway from the memories keeping him in the snare


He tried break away from the feelings of shame and hate

These and guilt only brought him to a darker place

A place where his thoughts had no meaning

Only a place of inescapable pain and suffering


He prayed one day to find a friend

Who understood his feelings and help bring an end

He told of his experience of what happened on that day

The dreadful encounter that has caused all this pain


This boy needs friends, now more than ever

To help him fight, to turn him into a survivor

To forgive and forget is not an option

Rather live and learn, help, and fight to lift the burden


The skills he’s learnt can be used by others

Other child abuse survivors

This epidemic won’t live long

As long as we unite, and stay strong


2007 – Marc de Jager

marc130 marc130
18-21, M
Mar 3, 2009