Personal Poem By Me (enjoy If You Like And Add Me As A Friend)

fake wedding


i heard you're getting married is it really true?

you told me you wasn't ready

the times when it was just me and you

you been acting shady

is this keeping you steady

you doing this for real

or just to stand out from the rest?

cause i know you do things thats not for the best

sometimes we aren't ready, even for the easiest things

cause we confuse ourselves

then theres problems we bring

you know what you want, but you let people take it from you

dont want you crying cause i'm right

you broke my heart, my pride, even my cars headlights

we could have still been friends

its not my fault i had to let it end

i feel sad and fake

just like the wedding your about to make

you know i dont need to be your man

i thought we'd be good for each other

when we messed up we'd understand

but i hate you now, my friends hate you as much as i do

i'd have to be on the hardest drugs

to want to even **** you.

but its okay, you ignore uncomftorble things that makes sense

you just walk away thinking that your so hot

i pulled most of my hair, that it spells your name in my boldspots

so go/ go marry a lie

while he kisses you goodnight

i hope you see my smile

cause you wont ever see it again in real life

you say everything happens for a reason

but i believe this was just plain out stupidity

the stupidest thing you ever did

was to ignore me

he doesn't really love you

hes done his share of laughing at you

once he gets what he wants

he wont even know you

so pop the champange, and celebrate for the fake life

but when everything will turn around

you'll see you screwed up bigtime

joe0ner joe0ner
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Sounds like you're better off without her. Karma will find her unhappy someday. This is her loss, not yours!