If You Feel A Book

if you feel a book

just sitting on the shelf

waiting to be picked-up

and your pages all felt

well, dont be so down

in inaffection and despair

you never know how you'll be treated

you can't be sure your pages won't tare

and if you feel a book

just sitting on the shelf

being picked up and put back

longing for a new home, someone to truly care

while you have more ware than others

you have more character, experience to share

you'd just better hope your binding

will last as long as you

and if you feel a book

being picked up and read, just the way you like

you may think you have it easy

you feel like you're the special one

well, your circumstances are what you make them

and contententment is just temporary, you'd better feel it while you can

time must pass, and things must change

it'll never be quite this way again

and if we're all like books waiting to be read

we can realize that without people we're nothing

and if thats so, what are they?

ninjaman444 ninjaman444
18-21, M
Mar 2, 2010