New Songs!!! ^_^ #8

right a comment below if you like it or didn't like it for ALL the new songs

i tried something new  .. and the world is still sniping around .. and i like it  . but you wouldn't like it  . but you won't like it  . you won't care for it  . and you don't get what it is to me .  its not what you thing  . this my drug  . this is my life . when your not looking . i'll try and fale and do it again  . i'll close my eyes and do my best for the time i have .. when your not looking i do my best  . when the time is best i do my best! .. for me! .. for me!!! .. do my all time best when no is looking . i don't know why .   but but i going to make it if i try .. let me try it one more time  . one more time . give me a chance or i take one  .. i doing this for me .. for me  .. for me
terminallysedated terminallysedated
26-30, M
Dec 12, 2012