Some Time Ago I Wrote One..

I'm not sure if i still have it somewhere in my room or if i threw it away.. It's the only thing I've ever written..
I never wrote a poem before or a song or something..
Well I used to write short stories as a child... and I often got poems in my head..but it's the only thing I ever actually wrote down.
It was about my dads problem with alcohol.

edit: okey I'll post it ;)
I found it and also found out that it wasn't about alcohol, but about my feelings.

Not knowing anymore
what's the difference between you and that w-hore
standing next to you
stabbing you in the back
talking from the distance
but being still to close
controlling all your thoughts
controlling all your feelings
not knowing which thoughts are yours and which are hers

So I'll lie down
with my knees bent
looking up to the sky
but it's all just faded grey.

What's this in me,
pushing me to flee?

I didn't come any further..
Some things I might need to add..
English is not my mother tongue so it's might not completely correct or maybe I translated some things to literally and the meaning's lost because of this.
Plus it's the only thing I ever wrote..
So I don't have any know-how on this topic.
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2 Responses Nov 18, 2007

thanks, that song is great

You should find it and post it for us.<br />
I have written several songe that I also can't find, I've written many poems also, but they were stolen .<br />
Wish I had some of them back, They can never be recreated as they were when my heart was writting them to begin with,.