I had in mind a particular EP friend, when I wrote it.

The story is posted below in the comments because it is of an adult nature.
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He walked along the quiet beach, stretching his muscles and moving leisurely but with intent, trying hard to relax and shake off the tension of his work week and the deep sorrow in his soul. The bright magenta sun was hovering above the sea, casting shadows and shimmering among the waves.

Up ahead, maybe a hundred yards or so off shore, he saw something in the glistening water. As he walked closer he realized it was a swimmer, slowly swimming parallel to the shore, in his direction. He studied the swimmer's graceful overhand crawl and as they drew closer he could see the swimmer was a woman.

At once she drew up to catch her breath and apparently stood on the bottom, as the dropoff into the water must have been gradual. The water came up to her mid-chest, just enough to lift her breasts ever so slightly. She loved the way the salt water lessened the weight of carrying her body. It was a small but sweet relief she appreciated every time she swam in her ocean. Swimming was therapy for her. It helped lighten the darkness when she thought too much about things that might have been.

She felt his eyes on her, as he did hers. There was an unspoken attraction in the shining dusk, a strong force, a need, the mystery of two strangers meeting at random in a place so safe, so forgiving and yet so powerful, neither could have resisted the draw if they had wished. It was uncommon magic.

He stopped walking, removed his shirt, kicked off his shoes and dropped his shorts, leaving him naked to her and the rest of the world. He waded toward her as she quietly waited in anticipation of what she knew not, floating on her back, her sinuous body moving with the gentle evening waves.

As the water became deeper he swam toward her with slow, deliberate strokes. As he came nearly within touching distance, she gave a flutter with her legs and moved just out of reach. "So this is how it's going to be.", he thought. He changed his trajectory and started to swim a bit out in front of her. She tried to evade him but the strength of his stroke propelled him such that he caught her, wrapped his arms around her and pulled her toward his chest, pressing her cool bikini-clad breasts hard against him. She felt good in his arms.

He stood up on the sandy bottom and in so doing, stood her up, too. The water came to below his chest. It was nearly to her chin. Without a word he lifted her to meet his mouth and kissed her passionately, first softly and as she opened her mouth he became more forceful. He tasted the salt water mixed with their saliva and it somehow excited him. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, then withdrew. He followed and she sucked hard to pull him in. He walked into the deeper water, never breaking the kiss. He pushed up her top and pulled her out of the water enough to suck her ample, firm breasts. She moaned with pleasure as she surrendered her charms to his powerful desire.

Her cradled her in his right arm, her feet off the sea floor, and with his left hand he reached down under her bikini bottoms, over her shaved mound and began caressing her soft, wing-like lips with three fingers, one on either side and one between. She was very wet. He could tell because her juices were much more viscous and warm than the ocean water. He found her swollen pearl and gently began to gently manipulate it with his thumb while still caressing her lips. She began to move her hips and softly moan. Her movements and moans became faster and louder. The sweetness and tension built. Not too many more seconds of this and she knew she would climax. He somehow knew her special spots.

He could wait no longer and she wanted him. He turned her to face him, reached down with both hands, spread her legs, held her *** with one hand, pushed her bikini aside with the other and set her down on his solidly erect shaft. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her warmth engulfed him. They each moaned with pleasure as they felt the passion build. He began to lift her up and push her back down with the aid of her increased buoyancy from the sea water. First slowly, sensually like the waves, then more and more rapidly until he felt the resistance of the water slowing him down.

At that pace he continued to lift her up and down on his manhood while her moans got longer and louder. She clamped her legs around him, dug her fingers into his broad shoulders, pushed herself back and exploded into orgasmic bliss, screaming -- "OH MY GOD...!!!" --- but he did not change his pace. (One benefit of being an older lover, he had discovered, was how long he could last making love.) Up and down, up and down, up and down, the heat from their bodies, the coolness of the sea water, the added buoyancy, her hot, sweet, wet love, it was all so magnificent. He kept on thrusting her as she came again and again. It was beyond anything either of them had experienced.

Finally he began to feel the feeling grow in his loins and low in his belly. The tingling, lightness, sweetness and tension began to build. He knew he was just a few strokes from coming. He whispered in her ear, "I'm coming, Baby. I'm c*mmming.... uhhhhhhhhh....!!! She felt him release inside her, which brought her to another crashing ******, more powerful than any she had ever known. She felt it from her scalp to her toes. She was glad the water helped support her. She knew was too weak to do anything at that moment except bask in these powerful feelings of immense physical pleasure. They both shuddered and held each other in the afterglow as the waves lapped against their spent bodies.

And so they remained as the sun sank below the water. Finally he broke the embrace, she moved away a bit. He pulled her in, kissed her and held her tightly. "Thank you.", he said. "You are magnificent. I will never forget you." And with that, he swam back to shore. She was left feeling fulfilled, amazed and a little regretful. She didn't know this wonderful lover's name, he didn't know hers. She hadn't uttered so much as an an intelligible word during the entire encounter. But maybe that was where the magic lay.

She knew she would never forget him. His solid, warm body, the size and curve of his d*ck, the way he controlled her gently, but with strength and clarity. To be with a man who was so magnetic, so powerful -- there were good and bad aspects to this. She couldn't quite decide if she hoped she'd see him again or not. But she knew the Universe would bring to her what was best for her, and it had just brought her this much needed, incredible, marvelous gift of passion and sharing on the most basic of human levels. That would have to be enough for now...

He will be searching...

She's a very lucky woman to inspire this much passion in you! Would love to be able to do that to a man!

Pleasure to read.

Whew...that sounds like stuff dreams are made of. Nice story.

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