It Just Disappeared

 I wrote a story about plants and it just disappeared. It wasn't so long that it took up too much space. It was about plants I have that were dying when I got them. and now it's out there in the void. Floating, looking for somewhere to rest but the twilight zone has claimed my story. I miss my story. Its like a part of me is gone. Will my story attach to someone else until it becomes a part of them and I forget. No I won't let them do that to us story. I'll remember you always. 
rickdogood rickdogood
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2007

I just wrote a really long, involved story in the forum I Battle Depression - it look me over two hours - and it just disappeared! I now need to go and take an anti-anxiety pill to calm me down (I'm not joking). This site is supposed to HELP people with anxiety and depression, not exacerbate it!!??? F*U*C*K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps this goes to show that the internet is at least herbivorous? Eating up your plant story like that! I guess even internets need to eat. <br />
<br />
Although if it was just the EP getting confused, I'll be sure to try to return your lost and fondly missed plant story to you if I find it wandering about the place like a lost soul!